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A one of its kind app that lets you do more with your phonebook. It is an app that lets you search for a contact that’s not just in your phone but also suggests that it might be in your friend’s phone. You’ve often commended the convenience of your one phonebook but what we’re excited about is the power of a billion phonebooks put together.

How It Works?

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Just type-in the keywords like architect, security, driver or anything for that matter and LinkLadder will tell which contact in your phonebook can you help out. That’s not all. It also organises and retrieves a contact for you even if you've forgotten the name by which you’ve saved it and we are just getting started here.

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Common Contacts

The app brings you the joy of discovering that you share many common contacts with your friends. So, when you have LinkLadder and your friend also has it downloaded, the app tells you that between the two there are ‘x’ number of contacts that are common. You may have known this. But what if you hadn’t? It becomes a new, exciting and a more reliable link between you and your contact.

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Cloud Tag

LinkLadders determines what a person is on the basis of what the world has tagged them as. These are called Cloud Tags. By using its own set of algorithms and calculations, LinkLadder's server gives a tag to a person by which they will be known.Cloud Tags are completely independent of what a person says about himself.

Search Results

When you are searching for a “Doctor”, LinkLadder will search your phonebook for the contacts saved as “Doctor, Dr etc.” by you. You will see LinkLadder’s magic here, you will also see contacts who are doctors but not saved as Doctor by you.

With LinkLadder, all you need to do is enter the word ‘doctor’ and it would tell you the name of your friends who know doctors and have their contacts. LinkLadder, shows you that your contact knows ‘x’ number of contacts in the category that you searched for. All you need to do next is call up the friend and take the number. In the next few days sharing contacts will be much easier and you will be able to request and receive the contacts via LinkLadder.

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You might be looking for an electrician. You search for it and even your friends' phonebook too doesn't have any. No worries. LinkLadder also has an advertiser section, which shows people who have advertised their services. You can simply take a look in there and get what you need. And that's too for free. Neat. No?


That's Not All

Simple, effective and easy to use


You can tap double on any role to add it into your favorites.

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LinkLadder allows user to “Rate” their contacts for good measure of someone’s rapport.



Share contacts by using this feature.



You can hide a contact of your phonebook from the network by using this feature



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Welcome To The Community

I stumbled across LinkLadder when I was looking for an Architect, it helped me tremendously to find out Architects known to my friends, it helped me narrowed down my search with the ratings, I would strongly recommend to everyone to make life simple. Finding out service providers was never this easy.

Monika Walia

LinkLadder has become a reference point for me for all my daily service needs as it knows my friends specialisations and what people connected with my friends do.

Nishant Sharma

LinkLadder brought a complete surprise when me and Gaurav realised that we have 150 contacts in common between us, we knew each other from many years but LinkLadder brought us further closer.

Manavdeep Singh

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